Course information

  • Certificate: Kitchen Cook - AHLEI Certificate in Course in Designer Cake (7 LEVEL) Management - Florence Academy of World Cuisine Management - Florence Academy of World Cuisine
  • Duration: 60 days
  • Uniform: T-shirt, Apron & Cap

Certificate Courses in Designer Cakes

Cake is the most important product next to bread in our bakery industry. Cake may be served as snacks or as desserts. A good baker can prepare attractive delightful tasteful cakes based on the occasion and the customer’s needs.

There are so many different types of cake with their unique ingredients, mixing, baking techniques, and methods. It is not a simple matter of just following the cake recipe’s instructions from a recipe book or website .you think the recipe book or website gives you all of the information you need to bake a successful cake? Think again! It doesn’t come close.

Course in designer cakes (7lv) offers opportunities to learn different types of cakes with proper techniques and hands-on experience with our specialist team of expert chefs and bakers. In this course, we cover all the latest techniques, trends, and styles that you need to know to become a successful entrepreneur, home baker, and cake stylist.

Course Content

  • Basic cake course

    Techniques- baking, cutting, layering, frosting, nozzle practice, ganache making, whip cream making.

    This is a fundamental course for beginners who are keen to learn baking.

    This course includes baking from scratch and premix. In the main, it consists of cake batter making in which you learn how to mix the ingredients which will give a batter of perfect consistency. In addition, students will learn to handle oven temperatures which will give an ideal baked sponge.

    Furthermore, you learn to make two types of frostings that are whipped cream frosting and chocolate ganache. Where you learn to achieve appropriate consistency of cream and ganache which is suitable for piping.

    Learners also get to practice with a nozzle with various types of borders and designs. In addition, we teach how to attain sharp edges with the proper handling of a pallet knife or scraper.

    All these tricks and tips give a beautifully baked and frosted cake.

  • Topics included: - different types of cake sponges, basic to advance designs, and icing tactics.

    These courses cover every cake of whip cream from basic cake to 2-3 tier wedding cakes with different types of techniques, sponges from scratch, and premix both. In this, we teach how to develop flavors from basic cakes which would make your cake stand out when compared to market cakes.

    FROSTINGS:Frostings like whip cream frosting, cream cheese frosting, and ganache making will be taught in this course.

    Tips and tricks: For handling whip cream for firm peaks and longer shelf life. Maintaining the temperature of chocolate ganache.

    Airbrush method – how to use and operate an airbrush to give a silk smooth finish.

    Nozzle practice- Use of nozzle to create various flowers and borders.

    Tips and tricks to assemble the tall cake and tiered cakes so that they stay intact even while traveling.

    Method to achieve sharp edges on every surface.

    In a nutshell, students are taught in a very detailed method which leads them to perform out of the box.

  • This course is the amalgamation of basic to advanced levels of making and assembling a cake. Which compiles the fundamentals of cake baking to an intermediate level of cake decoration.

    This course consists of following things-

    - baking of profuse sponges from familiar to exotic flavors.

    - Types of frostings and tacks to cover the sponge with finesse.

    - constructing a cartoon cake.

    - making vegetarian fondant and gum paste from scratch.

    - To have a grip on working with fondant and covering the cake with it. Using varied methods of covering it on contrasting mediums.

    - making animal and human figurines.

    - making edible flowers with both hands and using molds. And embellishing it on cakes.

    - Use of stencils on uneven surfaces.

    - making gravity-defying cakes, wedding cakes.

    To sum it up this is a complete course for someone to know the A to Z of cake making and it also helps one to start up his or her own business out of it.

  • This course is for the one who already has a polished hand in basic cake making and covering it with kinds of frosting, with a neat and sharp finish.

    As mentioned in the designer cake course this course consists of making fondant and gum paste from scratch and applying it to the cake as well as making figurines, flowers, and various other elements out of it. .

    Making a structured cake and putting every element together to make a complete art piece.