This course covers every aspect of food production. As it is combination course (LV-1 and LV-2).course is design by taking care of different skill and knowledge from basic to advance required to become profession chef. In this course student will get two international certificates from AHLEI. Journey of course includes theory and practical session, practice time, training and placement.


  • 2 days theory every week
  • From kitchen cook (textbook)
  • Kitchen safety and sanitary regulations
  • Culinary term, Kitchen tools and equipment
  • Standard cuts and Standard recipe development
  • Converting recipes
  • Food nutrition & Correct plate presentation
  • Banquet event order
  • Use kitchen equipment & Cooking methods
  • Store and inventory supplies
  • Kitchen cook :uniform, about property ,safety regulations and quality guest service
  • From the art and science of culinary preparation (textbook)
  • Section 1: General Information for Culinary Preparation.
  • Section 2: Essential Knowledge For Understanding Culinary Preparation
  • Section 3: Hot Food Preparation
  • Section 4: Grade Manger
  • Section 5: Baking
  • 2 days practical every week
  • Introduction to cookery
  • Types of stocks
  • Dip, sauces & chutneys
  • Global cuisine : Chinese, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Lebanese and sizzlers
  • Indian restaurant style gravies
  • Indian cuisine: Mughlai, Gujarati, Rajasthani,Punjabi,South-Indian, Indian Sweet,Chaat
  • Salads : salad dressing ,waldrof salad, fruit salad, Russian salad and salade nicoise
  • Bakery: types of bread, Swiss roll, basic cake, cookies, chocolate, tempering chocolates, caramel, toffee, sour dough, icing, puff pastry etc.
  • Cold sweet :brookie, jar/glass dessert,muffins,truffle,ice creams – three flavours.
  • Hot sweet :bread & butter pudding ,caramel custard, albert pudding , Christmas pudding.
  • Shakes and mocktails: mango milkshake ,vanilla milkshake ,strawberry milkshake butterscotch milkshake, mojita, blue lagoon ,pina colada ,fruit punch
  • Menu planning: developing menu, menu cost, budgeting.
  • Practice session
  • Industrial training
  • Theory assessment -2
  • Practical assessment-2
  • Certification -2