Hotel Management Career Scope, and Job Prospects

The hospitality field covers various verticals. The hotel industry plays an essential role in helping any tourist to visit, know, see, and understand the whole world. This industry uses both product and service in precisely the right proportion by providing convenience to the people. The hotel management course studies the development of skills that are essential to providing customers with the best experience in the industry.

What is Hotel Management?

The main objective of the hotel management courses is to bridge the gap between customer expectations and the hotel staff's services. That is to make them fully satisfied with their services.

As a profession, the management of hotel/hospitality needs aspirants to have excellent communication skills and an outstanding personality. The hotel management industry is growing with leaps and bounds because of globalization. Every year several workers related to hospitality are introduced into the economy. Such positions are not only being provided by Indian firms but also by multinational hotel chains. Hospitality management is, therefore, a fruitful field in which to make a career.

Career prospects on pursuing hotel management courses

Nowadays, most of the youth are trending towards hotel management courses. Skilled professionals are in high demand in the region. So that the maximum number of tourists can be attracted to domestic and foreign tourists. The quality parameters of this industry are very high, so the salary package in this area is paid accordingly. The following career options are available under the hotel industry -

Popular Job Profile

The jobs offered under each specialization are specific to that domain. Although verticals like finance, human resources, marketing, and operations remain the same in every industry, here we have focused on the main jobs available under the hotel industry -

General Managers - Such professionals, are accountable for all the hotel operations.

Resident Managers - Provided the work to be accessible at a call away.

Executive Housekeepers - To ensure cleanliness in the hotel, these professionals are expected.

Front Office Managers - Most hotels on the front desk, the same is managed by Front Office Managers.

Convention Services Managers - These professionals work closely with the client and the conference facilities that the hotel offers for conventions, meetings, seminars, etc.

Hotel Management Scope

In any area, hotel management graduates are essential in resorts, airlines, cruises, clubs, food cafes, restaurants, etc. The development opportunity in this sector is powerful, owing to the significant contribution to the country's GDP and the facilities of this sector are used by visitors from all over the world. Professional students of hotel management are regarded as the foundation of the hotel industry.

Types of hotel management courses

Within the hotel management sector, there are several verticals, and each vertical has a distinct function. Please take complete information about different types of courses available on the market before accepting admission to hotel management courses.

Diploma in Hotel Management

Diploma in Hotel Management is a one year course. You can do a Hotel Management Diploma Course in various subjects-

  • Diploma in Food and Vivage Services

  • Diploma in the front office

  • Diploma in Food Production

  • Diploma in Bakery and Confectionery

  • Diploma in housekeeping

Hotel Management in under graduation courses

The duration of undergraduate courses in hotel management is three years. On completion of this course, a hotel management degree is awarded. This degree has a lot of recognition in the business world. Undergraduate courses in hotel management in the following disciplines.

  • Bachelor of Hospitality Management

  • Bachelor of Hotel Management [BHM]

  • Bachelor of Hotel Management in Food and Beverage

Post Graduate Courses in Hotel Management

Post Graduate Course follows the undergraduate Program in Hotel Management.

Hotel Management of Post Graduate Program

  • Master of Hotel Management

  • Master of Business Administration in Hospitality Management

  • Master of Business Administration in Hotel Management

  • A postgraduate degree/diploma is held for two years.

How to get admission in Hotel Management courses?

If anyone who has dreamed of taking glamorous career options is like having their dream come true, then getting admission to the Hotel Management courses, once you know some of the conditions necessary for access to the right institute under your requirement to lay the foundation of your career, the path ahead will be easy for you.

How does Florence Academy help in Hotel Management?

Choosing the right institute to turn Hotel Management into your career is a bit difficult in today's time. Florence Academy comes with a better option for you in this case.

Florence Academy is Ahmedabad’s best cooking school. It provides many best-in-class job prospects in hotel management, enabling students to launch a culinary job instantly or develop their skills.

If you choose to try a Hotel Management profession, then the Florence Academy is a great option.

Florence students with getting a certificate with pride from AHLEI. AHLEI is widely recognized as the leading certifying hospitality leader.

How to make a delicious brownie?


  1. 110 gms maida

  2. 2 tbsp cocoa powder

  3. 1/4 tsp baking powder

  4. 1/4 tsp baking soda

  5. 200 gms condensed milk

  6. 100 gms dark chocolate

  7. 45 gms butter

  8. 50 ml milk

  9. 1/4 cup chocolate chips

  10. 1/4 cup walnuts


  • Take chocolate, butter & water in a bowl & melt it in a microwave for 2 mints

  • Mix well add condensed milk, Maida, cocoa powder, vanilla essence, baking powder & walnut mix well.

  • Grease & dust tin, pre heat the oven at 160°C for 10 mints put the batter in the tin & bake in the oven for 25 to 30 minutes at 160°C.

For further information.

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First things first, how would you categorize cooking, a talent or skill? Is this an inborn quality to be called ability or something that you can learn; your capability? The debate is not new, but to answer, I think it is very safe to say that cooking is a skill that can be elevated to the level of art and talented people use this skill so exceptionally that you find yourself paying for the taste they cook.

Every one of you can learn how to cook well by opting for the following ideas. You might be wondering about getting a recipe book or watching a video to learn, but no skill is a piece of cake! It is imperative to have a proper professional guideline at every single step of cooking that is not very possible through mere reading. You might not understand the difference between ‘whisk in’ and ‘blend out.’

Starting from very basics, following is a list of what you’d need to cook a single meal:

  • Attentiveness and cautiousness.

  • Hygiene.

  • Experimenting and Creativity.

  • Recipe design and Presentation.

  • Culinary expertise.

  • Cooking techniques and Motivational Time Management

  • Supervision.

Seems quite a long list? Relax, here, in Florence; we have got them all for you. For your assistance, Florence is offering the best cooking classes in Ahmedabad. Short term courses, including Foundation course in food production and Cooking Certification Course, teach you from the very beginner level. Telling you every minute detail and leading you down the road. By registering yourself for these courses, you can forget about the significant expense of purchasing culinary and other tools, buying the long list of ingredients, and the stress of not knowing whether to put that flame high or low!

Courses like Culinary Arts Certificate, Culinary Certificate Programs at our Culinary, and Cake Decorating School are also here for your assistance. These courses help you cope with the beginner's anxiety that comes in a variety of ways; messing up the recipe, wastage of ingredients, burnt meal because of mismanagement, cuts, and rashes because you don't know how to use those tools) in the simplest of ways, eventually boosting up your confidence in cooking.

Once you pass the beginner level, you will enjoy your coking sessions. Now is the time to cook like a professional being a beginner! To get more intimate with cooking, you must get yourself registered to the more advanced courses as Vocational Courses in Baking Art, Professional Cake Decorating Classes, and Certificate in Whip Cake & Cake Decoration. Talking about the significance of baking, you can make it your full-time, high paying profession. If not, learning baking & cooking like a pro is a skill that is going to make you stand in the spotlight at every party. Bakers are artists, applying their patterns to a base recipe to find one great pattern which is uniquely theirs.

Rightly said, yummy cakes and pastries know their way to every heart!

But this modern way of cooking is much different. If you learned cooking from a book, it probably ends up in disaster. It is like you didn't learn to read notes, to understand rhythm, and to dive deep into the feel. Instead, you just learned to press the keys on a piano according to the given pattern. The same is the case with cooking and baking; learning recipes is not similar to learning cooking.

You need a place to practice your instincts, a guide to lead you down the road, and a sheer will to achieve the taste you had in your mind. The whole idea of learning how to cook relies upon your intention to practice and ofcoure the expertise of the teacher/guide. Florence cooking school will teach you to improvise the recipes in your own unique, desired way. Ultimately, cooking and baking classes offer significance to those who want to make the best out of their will to learn. This skill is going to help you gain a healthy and less-costly lifestyle, mind, and body full of sanity and great experiences.

Happy Cooking to ALL!

Everything you need to know about the best cooking and baking courses and classes

Are you someone who loves binding human emotions through cooking? Are you passionate about cooking but cannot take it as a full-time profession?? There are many short term cooking courses and professional cooking classes that will not only prepare you as a professional cook but, enhances your confidence level as well.

In this context, you can get a close insight into the various cooking and baking courses and pick the correct one for yourself.

Cooking is considered a work of fine art. Cooking is a work of compassion and dedication. It is a work that engages human emotions and creative soul. In Indian Diaspora, Cooking is extremely subjective. It is a wide, vast, and intricate combination of spices, herbs, and authentic recipes. Indian cooking is subjected to tuned flavors and colors.

“The cooking and baking industry never fail to surprise economic dimensions; apparently, it is expected to reach about $20 trillion by 2030.” 

Courses offered by Florence Academy of World Cuisines

If you are among those aspirants who want to kick start their cooking and baking career in the real industry, join hands with Florence Academy of World Cuisines. We not only teach you different styles, techniques, and flavors of cooking but will boost your confidence and self-esteem.

As an established culinary educational institution located in Ahmadabad, Florence Academy of World Cuisines focuses on providing its students with practical and technical abilities making them outreach in any culinary job role. Assisting students with culinary certificate programs, our cooking certificate course is affiliated under the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI).

Florence Academy of World Cuisines enhances professional cooking classes, subdividing it into short term cooking courses, and cooking certificate course.

Certificate Courses:

Our certificate courses are subjected to a foundation course in food production. If you want to brighten your cooking career in the hotel management industry, this course is apt for you.

Foundation course in Food Production (Level 1)

Perks of this course

  • Introduction to cookery

  • Global Cuisines

  • Indian Cuisines

  • Food Nutrition

  • Converting recipes

Foundation course in Food Production (Level 2)

It is a combination of Level 1+ Level 2

Perks of this course

  • Kitchen Safety and Sanitation Regulation

  • Essentials of Culinary preparation

  • Baking

  • Restaurant-style cooking

  • Kitchen Equipment and cooking methods

Certificate in Culinary arts

If you are inclined towards the culinary style of cooking, Florence Academy of World Cuisines is offering full-time culinary certificate programs. You can now acquire a culinary art certificate from the Florence Academy of World Cuisines.

Perks of this course

  • Standard cuts and Standard recipe development

  • Store and Inventory Supplies

  • 40 days practical

  • Kitchen Cook

Vocational Course in baking art Perks of this course

Bread baking: This part is concentrated on the necessary baking procedures; our experts guide students on initial baking processes. Vocational course in baking art includes: Bread Baking, Dinner role, piazza base, marble bread, brown bun, and many more

Cake baking: Muffins, Pudding, Mousse Cake, Cheesecake and more

Café Menu and Planning

With the growing confectionery industry in India, Florence Academy of World Cuisines is presenting a café menu and planning course, wherein you will be able to deploy your cafeteria.

Perks covered: Discussion on Budget, expert’s suggestions, menu outline, and expert restaurant consultant.

Certificate in Designer Cake

Florence Academy of World Cuisines is allowing learning the making of designer cake with professional cake decorating courses. Get yourself trained with our expert chefs

Perks of this course:

Basics cake making uses of premixes, types of cake making, advance cake making style method, making of the designer cake, and many more.

Certificate in cake Whip and Cake Decoration

If you love decorating cakes at home, Florence Academy of World Cuisines is providing a certificate course in whip cake and cake decoration.

Perks in this course include:

Get hold of 100% practical hand-on session, learn basic human figurine, stenciling, spray work, and many more.

Ending Note

Cooking is an experimental subject. Coming out from your comfort zone and creating an inclusive innovation is something you desire to. If you are compassionate about your cooking skills and want to carry forward this alternative career path, short term cooking classes act a blessing. It not only gives you a close idea of different kinds of cooking experimentation but encourages your self-esteem.

Which is the sure-fire choice to kick-start your cooking career? Professional kitchen or culinary school!

Culinary scene in India has a long, glorious history. Right from the times of Raja-Rajwada, the kitchens were traditionally functioned by the designated master chefs who knew every secret code and conduct of cooking delectable food verities for any size of audience. Though, the cooking techniques,culinary tools, and ways of presentation have changed significantly, the pressure situations and intense environment are still the same in any modern kitchen.

Today, more people than ever are dreaming to jump into in the cooking industry to prepare and serve wow food to their customers. However, the backstage reality of serving kitchens is nothing but fierce and exhausting. From the second you enter the kitchen, you are expected to handle the knife, fire, and materials like a pro. And that too on your own. If you do not cope with the pressure, you will be separated from your cooking role in no time.

That's where culinary schools can contribute and have an influence on your primary phase of career. If you’re a novice chef, a culinary school fosters you to get a fair chance to hone your kitchen management and cooking skills. With these skills, if you manage to survive in the industry after initial struggle, the Indian market provides best business opportunities like catering services, or even staring your own cooking class!

As easy as it may sound, the high price tag is the worrying face of culinary courses. And even after paying the soaring fees, the culinary education can’t assure you an entry to any top-notch restaurant.

In one of their relevant article, the major media outlet Eater asserted, “So is going to culinary school worth it? There's no one right answer to the long-debated question. It depends on a lot of factors, including the costs of culinary school, the alternatives, career aspirations, and temperament. There are passionate arguments on all sides.”

Let’s find out if investing in the culinary school can create possibilities or merely become an expensive liability.

The Possibilities

You gain a solid knowledge base to build on

Being at a culinary school helps you learn in a structured environment where you can explore, experiment, and learn. You have enough time to study diverse cooking techniques, learn unfamiliar terms and work through new-age
materials, which is almost impossible when you are directly thrown in a high-stress scenario of professional kitchen.

Converting an idea to a servable dish is a creative process that demands parallel functioning of experiential learning and liberal mind. Also, it’s essential to find and develop your individual touch and sense of taste. Culinary school students learn skills in a very elementary fashion. Right from pre-preparations to food combinations and pairings, students get access to a myriad of essential sources which guide them to learn the art of cooking innovative and original recipes.

Even if it’s a diploma or a four-year degree course, the length of the course is of least importance. Because once you run through the complete course, the acquired intelligence definitely makes transitioning into a professional kitchen easier. When you are standing behind as a cook, you are at least capable of decoding the orders and instructions of your head chef!

You learn more than justcooking skills

By enrolling in a culinary course, you also learn the business side of the restaurant industry. As culinary arts students, you learn the tricks and tweaks of menu creation, marketing, and inventory management. Some reputed institutes also offer programs for improving communication and presentation skills that make you complete package. Plus, there are certifications that prepare you to be market-ready such that as soon as you find the right
opportunity, you can launch your own restaurant.

You get to know potential change-makers in the industry

After completing the culinary program, not all your peers aspire to become the head chefs in a premium restaurant. A bunch of peers with entrepreneurship spirit might launch amazing ventures or choose out-of-the-box ways to express their creative abilities. Plus, you get access to a network of alumni who have already proven themselves as
professionals in the cooking field. This invaluable circle of people help you break certain barriers and opens unlimited opportunities for you tolearn, grow, and flourish. You’re never far from becoming one the best wedding caterers or highest paid chef or may be star faculty in a premium cooking class!

The Downside

Culinary course will shatter your pocket plans

However amazing the benefits of culinary schools may sound, one aspect that defeats all of them is, culinary courses are damn expensive! Moreover, no culinary school can give you a golden ticket to becoming a chef. You are free to brag about your shining degree, but culinary school is really all about learning the basics. Stating that, do the culinary schools deserve to demand such unreasonable fees? Every opinion will have different rationale, based on the level of passion, knowledge, experience. So, are you ready to invest more than the decent amount in a culinary school? We leave it to your consciousness!

You need to deal with constant pressure and intense environment

While it’s fun to cook during your culinary training, cooking in a professional kitchen is as intense as fighting in a world war battlefield. Here, even simpler tasks like handling a knife or finding a pot to boil water tests your patience and temperament. Everything moves at a rapid pace and you are expected to figure out everything on your own. Plus, when you are dealing with sharper knives, hotter stoves, and even hotter heads of
lead chefs, there is no scope for second chance.

Final take

Everything said it’s not only about your decision to pursue a career, but the path you select to kick-start your journey is even more critical. You need to be wiser while choosing the school. You must ask certain questions before concluding – Does it fit your budget? Do the institute programs teach what’s needed? Will the institute help you get your first job? And most importantly, are your desires strong enough to push you up in any circumstances you face during your cook to chef journey? If you answer these questions honestly, you will help yourself find the best suitable
career for yourself.

Mom and Me Cooking Class

Date with Mom - Summer workshop

Cooking with kids is a wonderful way to introduce healthy food to your children. Our activities will make kids excited to be in the kitchen and have lots of fun. The whole program is focused on to trust on healthy, fresh and home made food. Kids will also learn some interesting food which they love to eat and will enjoy to make on their own. Kids cooking classes have been developed to inspire excite and feed the curiosity of your growing Chef with Mom.

Booking open! Register yourself now and have lots of fun with the learning experience.


Baking Art

We are here with the summer workshop on Baking Art. It is a vocational course of 45 days.
All raw materials will be provided by Florence.
Uniform and chef kit provided by Florence.
5 days a week
2 Batches available -
10 to 1 and 5 to 8 PM
Semi hands-on class
100 % Vegetarian