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What is it all about?

Hello Ahmedabad!! Are you passionate for cooking? Does food making bring an immense sense of joy in you? How about you want to make a career in this culinary art? Or better yet, open your own restaurant or bakery and be in the midst of savoury smells and tastes all the time?

Well, if the answer is yes to all those questions, Florence Academy to World Cuisines brings an ultimate opportunity to learn and master the art of food preparation for Homemakers and students from the hospitality sector alike. Admissions are now open for city’s most proficient and one of a kind Food Production Certification Course.

That is good! Can I join it?

Students without any previous professional cooking experience and without any age limit can apply for the course. The course also serves as additional coaching or tuition for students of Hotel management or Chef Courses. Get yourself enrolled today in the year-long certification course and get certified from American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) with career chances in India as well as Abroad.

Okay, but how will the classes be conducted??

The course is divided into two levels with varying curriculums. It is an amalgamation of both theory and practical lessons. The classes are conducted for 3 hours per day only five days in a week. We have reserved 2 days for theoretical lessons and the remainder of 3 days for practical sessions.

How will this course benefit me??

Our students are recommended to be proactive and hence we conduct all the courses with 100% hands on approach. We encourage our students to start from scratch and take the created product with them after the class. Uniforms, Aprons, Kitchen essentials and ingredients are all provided by us.

Our highly qualified and experienced faculties have motivated lot of students to obtain high-paying industrial career around the globe. The course not only offers you an AHLEI certification, but it also grooms you with knowledge and technicalities to be a chef, a baker or open your own restaurants.

What exactly is taught in this course?

Florence AWC has prepared extensive courses from world class educationists, which cover the entirety of cookery. Our course includes Introduction to kitchen, Dish selection & preparation, Food Production and last but definitely not the least Serving and Presentations.

At the starting of the course we have a selected a bouquet of very basic topics. It generally introduces the students to idea of the kitchen, the equipment and processors present and their functionality. It also indulges into entry level regulations regarding the discipline of a kitchen worker with focus on safety and hygiene to be maintained. Details of the curriculum are as follows:

  • Intro to cookery
  • Culinary terms, Kitchen Tools and Equipment
  • Kitchen Safety and Sanitation
  • Use of Kitchen Equipment and Cooking Methods
  • General Idea about Uniform and Property.

Dish selection and preparation is the segment which is mostly neglected due to its simple form. However we at Florence consider it to be the building block of further studies in the course. It is of utmost importance that you know that what ingredients are available at your end, how much of it is going to be used? Is it still good enough to be used in the food or has it decayed. Knowing the general nutritional value and allergic characteristics of materials is the first step in making a pleasant and perfect dish. Hence we have included the following aspects in our course:

  • Food Nutrition
  • Store
  • Inventory Supplies
  • Types of Stocks

Then comes the most interesting part of the course, that is, the Food preparation. Food development is not just about the right spices and flavours it is also about why a certain flavor is required and what purposes it can serve. Getting the right combinations of food as per the cuisines and their edible pieces or general eating habits of the consumer is also kept in mind while preparation. Following topics are covered in this part of the course:

  • Standard cuts and recipe development
  • Converting recipes
  • Dips, sauces, chutneys
  • Global cuisines
  • Indian Restaurant style Gravies
  • Indian Cuisines
  • Salads
  • Bakery

The last part covers the most important part of the culinary skills. Food presentation and Serving. Properly served food makes the first impression in front of the consumer and it depends on the serving and aesthetics that how well the consumer will receive the dish. The three senses of smell, sight and taste are all used to adjudge the perfect aromas and flavor of a dish. A dessert in a bowl never tastes well, neither does spaghetti with forks and spoons.

  • Correct Plate Presentation
  • Banquet event order
  • quality guest service
  • Menu Planning & Developing
  • Menu Cost & Budgeting

What will be the evaluation criteria?

A course, though, is incomplete without any purpose and use. Hence our curriculum includes exclusive industrial exposure in the forms of trainings and internships. Our students are assessed on all the fronts with theoretical and practical examinations and then only are awarded a licensed qualification from AHLEI.

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