Certificate in Advance Bakery & Patisserie

Certificate in Advance Bakery & Patisserie

Baking is a delightful activity, but the problem why people are not much into baking is the lack of patience and practice, the more you bake, the more you like it. Each and every step in baking is enjoyable. Most of the people do not realize that baking is both an art and a science .the Mystery of the art allows the baker to be creative in exploring new flavors & ideas and the Mystery of the science allows the baker to understand the process and ingredient variation. Certificate in advance bakery and patisserie offers theoretical as well as full hands on practical’s with practice to the level of perfection. In this course students are not only educated about the art of baking but are also taught creativity and knowledge about available ingredients in the market.

Kitchen Cook - AHLEI
Certificate in Advance Bakery and Patisserie
Management - Florence Academy of World Cuisine





advance bakery and patisserie - Florence Academy of World Cuisine

Course Content

White & brown bread, Marble bread, French loaf, Maska bun, Bread stick, Dinner roll and pav, Hot dog bun.

LEVEL -1 : Panini, Kulcha, Different types of Lavash. Pizza base(soft/thin) Multigrain, Oats, Pita and Focaccia Bread, Different types of Bread Sticks.
LEVEL -2 : Stuffed Bread- Garlic Bread ,calzones, Fancy Rolls, Stuffed Buns. International Bread- Banana, Apple, Potato, Ciabatta, Bougette And Bakaka Bread, English Muffins, Danish Rolls, Doughnuts.
Different types of Puff and Khari, croissant, Cream Roll. Jeera, Milk And Rawa Toast.
BASIC : Chocolate- Vanilla Cookies, Jeera Cookies Australian.
ADVANCED : Oats and Cranberry, Cashew Coconut Cookies Double Chocolate Chips Cookies, Coffee Ginger and Subway Style Chocolate Chip.

BASIC CAKE (2 types): Whip Cream And Chocolate Truffle, Making Process, Layer Cake Technics, Nosal Practice With Whip Cream,
Cake Frosting and Decoration.
TEA TIME CAKES : Coffee Hazelnut, Corrot, Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate Chips Nuttela, Pineapple Up Side Down.
CUPCAKES : Chocolate, Vanilla, Red Velvet, Oreo,
Butter Cream & Truffle Frosting.
MUFFINS : Chocolate Chips, Vanila & Blueberry, Fig & Almond, Banana, Coffee Hazelnut.
BROWNIES : Chocolate Walnut, Gooey Brownie, Red Velvet Cream Cheese, Oreo, Whole Wheat Fudgy Brownie.
TART : Chocolate Truffle Tart, Mix Fruit Tart, Apple Pie, Quiche Tart & Mud Pie.
3 types of MOUSSE & PUDDING.

Baking History. Baking Tools And Equipments. Basic Ingredients And Their Functions. Pricing And Costing Of Products. Baker’s Products.
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