Certificate Course in Designer Cakes

Cake is the most important product next to bread in our bakery industry. Cake may be served as snacks or as desserts. A good baker can prepare attractive delightful tasteful cakes based on the occasion and the customer’s needs. There are so many different types of cake with their own unique ingredients, mixing, baking techniques and methods. It is not a simple matter of just following the cake recipe’s instruction from a recipe book or website .you think the recipe book or website gives you all of the information you need to bake a successful cake? Think again! It doesn’t come close. Certificate course in designer cakes (7lv) offers opportunities to learn different types of cake with proper technics and hands on experience by our special team of expert chefs and baker. In this course we cover all the latest technics, trends, styles that you need to know to become a successful entrepreneur, home baker and cake stylist

Kitchen Cook - AHLEI
Certificate in Course in Designer Cake (7 LEVEL)
Management - Florence Academy of World Cuisine





Certificate Course in Designer Cakes - Florence Academy of World Cuisine

Course Content

Types of Sponge Whip Cream and Chocolate Truffle Making Process Layer Cake Technics, Sharp Edges Driping Nosal Practice with Whip Cream
Learn to Make Carved Cake, Doll Cake, And Cartoon Cake. Photo Cake, Ombre Cake, Glaze Cake Theme, Sphere and Number Cake
Airbrushing, Chocolate Garnishing, Whipcream Painting, Fault Line Cake, Tall Cake And Trending Cake
Different Types of Sponge Crumb Coat, Layeringand Cutting Method Different Types of Ganache Fondant, gumpaste Making and Covering Truffle, Geode, Colour Ganache , Basic Gravity and Tall Cake

Plunger Flowers Animal and Basic Human Figurine Stencling Sweet Lace
Different Texture Method of Fondant

Different Types Of Cake Shape, Doublebarrel Method Spray Work, Theme & Trending Cake
Wedding Cake
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